This varies depending on the user’s availability of resources (menu copy, plated pictures, branding elements) and any other requirements that they need. Once you’ve got all the resources on hand, your Menuful tablet menu can be designed and launched in just a few hours!

Yes, you really can! Menuful only provides you with a selection of optimized templates and you can integrate your unique branding onto it instantly and easily.

No. Because Menuful is just a software application that runs on tablets, our users are responsible for providing their own tablet or other handheld devices to integrate with the Menuful system.

Menuful’s cloud-based platform easily allows for scheduled price changes, dietary-specific options, and seasonal additions that can be edited or included into your tablet menu whenever you need them.

No. Menuful is a tablet menu software that helps you build a better table ordering experience, from start to finish. We’re working to expand Menuful’s suite of features every single day and we’re looking forward to introducing POS features to our growing client base in the near future!

If you choose Menuful’s monthly package, you can cancel your subscription whenever you like. We believe our user loyalty is built on service satisfaction, not contract durations. At Menuful, there are no commitments -- only guarantees!

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